What's new in MountainsMap?

Main features included in the MountainsMap® 7.4 update

First released January 2017

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New features for all users

  Improved zoom feature

Zoom in on your data using the mouse wheel or by drawing a rectangular selection when working with surfaces, profiles, images etc.

  3D views just got even better

MountainsMap® real-time 3D imaging feature has now been extended to new types of datasets: series of surfaces, series of profiles, hypercubes and more.

  Advanced options for 3D printing

Export 3D models in 3MF format (including color and texture management) and print them directly in 3D!

And also:

 What’s new for Surface Topography?

  New method for leveling

Working with multi-plane surfaces? The new "Minimum zone" option for leveling makes eliminating slope quick and easy.

  Holes/peaks: visualize and calculate volumes in just a few clicks

  • Positions of holes and peaks are displayed immediately as 2 different colors
  • Parameters are calculated instantaneously as you select the zone you wish to study

And also:

 What’s new for Profile & Contour Analysis?

  Enhanced tools for subtracting profiles

  • MountainsMap® automatically detects the position of profiles to be used in the calculation
  • Define zones to be excluded (useful for comparing measurements taken on both new and worn parts)

  Visualize dominant waviness (WD) profiles

  • Display the dominant waviness (WD) profile used to calculate VDA 2007 dominant waviness parameters WDSm, WDc and WDt (parameters defined by the German Association of the Automotive Industry)

And also:

 What’s new for Scanning Electron Microscopy?

  Take single SEM image reconstruction to the next level

  • Innovative 3D reconstruction of single SEM images featuring multiple objects and balanced lighting conditions.
  • New possibilities for image segmentation and further analysis (particle counting, characterization etc.)

And also:

 What’s new for Spectral Analysis?

  All-new tool for joining hyperspectral cubes

  • Join two hyperspectral cubes measured at the same place but at two different wavelength ranges

  Now resample your hyperspectral data

  • Resample hyperspectral cubes along the X or Y axis, for example to obtain the mean spectra

And also:

Plus dozens of other productivity updates and feature enhancements...

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