MountainsMap® Reference Manual

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This 750-page manual is a complete printed version of the MountainsMap® version 7 reference guide. It describes all MountainsMap® features - including optional modules - and contains a significant amount of metrological information.

Please note that the features described in the manual relate to the highest product level with all options; some of the features are not included in other product levels. The manual is currently available in English, German, Japanese and French.

750 pages. Weight: 1.2 kg.
Updated for version 7.3. Reserved for actual users of Mountains® products. Digital Surf retains the right not to accept orders from non-users.

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Note: Manuals of version 6.2 can still be ordered at reduced price:
99 EUR (-30%). Ref: MNT6.A.UM1

Public price: 149 EUR

Product reference: MNT7.A.UM1

Shipping costs not included. Prepayment upon order.

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Batches of User Manual for OEMs:

OEMs can order batches of manuals at a preferred price, with a customized cover with their name and logo as well as customized content corresponding to their product. Minimum order of 25 manuals.

  • 25 user manuals: MNT7.A.UM25
  • 50 user manuals: MNT7.A.UM50

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