MountainsMap® HyperSpectral

Dedicated spectrometry software for Raman and FTIR spectrometers

Why choose MountainsMap® HyperSpectral software?

Visualization & analysis of spectra & hypercubes

MountainsMap® HyperSpectral software provides:

  • interactive visualization of spectra, series of spectra and hypercubes
  • hypercube density mapping and compositional analysis
  • 3D analysis of flattened hypercubes.

All of this in a comfortable desktop publishing environment where you can create comprehensive and accurate surface analysis reports with ease.

Optional modules are available for advanced and specialist applications, including grains and particles analysis.

Key Features

Automatic peak detection, interactive cursor placement

 Automatic peak detection (shown by cursors) above a user-definable threshold.
 Zoom in/out and move spectrum using the mouse wheel.
 Place cursors anywhere on the spectrum in manual mode.
 See the wavenumber and intensity amplitude at each cursor location.

Visualize series of spectra

 Cycle through spectra in a series and display mean spectrum and min and max envelopes.
 Visualize all spectra in a series for comparison

Visualize hypercubes

 Show average intensity at different wavenumbers by sliding cursor along mean spectrum.
 Reduce noise using Savitszy-Golay, Gaussian or Median filters.

Raman spectrum with automatically detected peaks and wavenumber and amplitude of each peak.

Extract spectra/series of spectra from a hypercube

 Select one or more spectra in a cube interactively.
 Extract spectra for independent study.

Raman hypercube, color-coded with respect to intensity at wavenumber selected interactively on mean spectrum.

Interactive extraction of series of spectra from hypercube.

Reference spectra, density maps & surface composition

 Apply reference spectra to a hypercube to identify composition.
 Generate density maps.

Density map (right) with respect to reference spectra (left).

3D View

Visualize a hypercube in 3D by flattening it (the Z axis intensity value for each pixel is a function of the highest peaks of its spectrum

3D view of flattened hypercube.

Fast, automated, traceable analysis report creation

 Smart desktop publishing user environment in ten languages.
 Hierarchical analysis workflow shows all analysis steps, ensures traceability.
 Page viewer for fast navigation.
 Series of measurements can be analyzed automatically using templates, Minidocs® (saved sequences of analysis steps) can be applied at any time.
 Comprehensive data export (Excel-compatible text files), bitmaps, PDF.

Optional modules

Analyze grains, particles, islands, motifs, bumps, holes using multiple methods
 Grains & Particles module

Co-localize images obtained by other instruments with hypercube images to facilitate correlative studies
 Co-localization module

Advanced studies, parameters & filters for 3D analysis
 3D Advanced Surface Texture module