MountainsMap® Profile

Dedicated software for 2D contact and non-contact profilometers

contact stylus, non-contact: confocal chromatic, laser triangulation, point autofocus, single point WLI

Why choose MountainsMap® Profile software ?

The best surface analysis software for all types of 2D profilometer

MountainsMap® Profile analyzes surface geometry and basic surface texture, calculating parameters in accordance with ISO 4287 and other standards. Surface analysis reports are created in a comfortable desktop publishing environment and series of measurements can be analyzed automatically using templates. The analysis workflow assures full metrological traceability and makes it easy to fine tune any analysis step.

Optional modules are available for advanced 2D surface analysis.

Key Features

High quality profile visualization

 Visualize primary, roughness and waviness profiles independently or superimpose one profile on another to study relationships.
 Use thresholding to remove anomalous spikes, resample to achieve better resolution and retouch points on a profile.

Analysis of surface geometry & texture

 Calculate distances, height differences, slopes, angles, areas of peaks and holes, and step heights.
 Study the bearing ratio curve and depth distribution histogram to facilitate the analysis of friction and wear.

The most popular 2D surface texture parameters

 ISO 4287 2D primary and roughness parameters.
 ASME B46.1 2D parameters.
 GB/T (China), DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan, NF (France), BSI (UK), UNI (Italy), UNE (Spain) equivalents of ISO parameters.

Fast, automated, traceable surface analysis report creation

 Smart desktop publishing user environment in ten languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, PT-BR, CN, JP, KR)
 Hierarchical analysis workflow shows all analysis steps, facilitates fine-tuning and ensures full metrological traceability.
 Page viewer for fast navigation.
 Pass/fail criteria with green/red traffic lights can be specified for any parameter.
 Series of measurements can be analyzed automatically using templates and Minidocs (common sequences of analysis steps).
 Comprehensive data export (Excel-compatible text files), bitmaps, PDF.

Distance measurement (horizontal distance, height difference) and step height

A sequence of analysis steps can be applied automatically to any profile

Expandable & upgradeable

Optional modules are available for advanced and specialized applications. The 2D Advanced Surface Texture module includes waviness/roughness filters from Gaussian to the latest ISO 16610 advanced filters, 2D Fourier analysis of process-surface interactions and profile extraction for wear analysis and a number of other features. The Contour Analysis module provides geometric dimensioning and the Advanced Contour Analysis module provides full form deviation analysis. There are also 2D Automotive and Statistics modules.

Form deviation analysis using the Advanced Contour Analysis module

Optional modules

Advanced profile filtering, fractal and Fourier analysis, series of profiles
 2D Advanced Surface Texture module

2D friction, core and entrapment zone analysis plus parameters for the automotive industry
 2D Automotive module

Geometric dimensioning of contour profiles and horizontal contour extracted from images
 Contour Analysis module

Advanced dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD compare, Gothic arch
 Advanced Contour Analysis module

Automated statistics for multiple data populations, process capability
 Statistics module

Instrument compatibility

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 Taylor Hobson