Mountains® surface imaging & metrology software
Top 10 features

1. Pick the surface imaging & metrology software that matches your instrument

Select the MountainsMap software that directly matches your profiler or your microscope.
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Or grow your own incremental solution from the general-purpose MountainsMap Universal platform and a catalog of 14 optional modules.

Your lab is equipped with many types of instruments and you deal with a wide variety of analysis requests?

Choose MountainsMap Premium, the solution par excellence. As a superset of nearly all other MountainsMap products and modules, MountainsMap Premium is the most complete surface analysis software of the market.

2. Analyze multiple types of surface data

Analyze any micro and nano surface data

3. Turn your surface data into accurate, visual surface analysis reports

Turn micro and nano surface data into a metrology report
Each analysis step can be fine tuned at any time and is recorded in a hierarchical workflow that guarantees full metrological traceability.

4. See every feature with high quality real-time 3D imaging of surface topography

Stone after erosion surface topography.

Stone after erosion - scanning profilometer
surface topography

AFM surface topography and aux images
Polymer - AFM surface topography (above)
and AUX overlay on topography (below)

Solar cell surface topography and color image
Solar cell - 3D optical profiler surface
topography (above) and color image overlay
on topography (below)

5. Characterize surfaces in accordance with the latest metrology standards

ISO GPS International Surface Metrology Standards
Digital Surf participates on the ISO/TC 213 committee responsible for defining international standards on areal surface texture and filtering techniques. In this context we also maintain excellent contacts with leading members of national standards committees.

Surface Texture Parameters ISO ASME
Mountains® integrates parameters defined in the latest ISO standards and ASME B46.1 (USA) standards. It generates equivalent GB/T (China), DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan), NF (France), BSI (UK), UNI (Italy) and UNE (Spain) parameters whenever these parameters are defined.

Read about the latest standards, parameters and filters...

6. Benefit from the latest surface analysis methods and innovations

Digital Surf's team of professional metrologists and software engineers is committed to integrating the latest methods and to introducing new techniques that open up new analytical horizons to users. Here are three examples.

Surface Metrology SubSurface Extraction Analysis
Extract a sub-surface and analyze it in exactly the same way as you analyze a full measured surface.

ISO25178 Segmentation By Watersheds
Analyze texture cells (motifs) in order to locate and quantify isolated surface features.

Surface Evolution Principal Component Analysis
Use principal component analysis (Karhunen-Loève transform) to highlight zones of preponderant change.

7. Exploit the most comprehensive set of surface studies

Digital Surf's first surface imaging and analysis software was introduced in 1990 and software based upon our Mountains Technology® - which has become an industry standard- is now in its 7th generation. Here are three examples selected from the numerous analytical studies that are available.

Grains And Particles Analysis
Grains, particles & islands analysis using multiple complementary methods.

3D Fourier Surface Analysis
3D Fourier analysis for studying process-surface interaction + FFT plot editor for denoising.

Form Deviation Analysis
Geometrical dimensioning and
form deviation analysis.

8. Co-localize surface data (topography & images) from different sources

Mountains® co-localizes 3D surface topography obtained by confocal, interferometric or scanning probe microscopy or scanning profilometry with wider field images obtained, for example, by scanning probe or fluorescence microscopy.

Investigation of silicon nanowires by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM).
Images courtesy of IEMN, Lille, France

AFM & Fluorescence
Fluorescence + AFM
Co-localization of simultaneous AFM and fluorescence microscope images provide information on cell morphology.
Images courtesy of Agilent Technologies

9. Work fast in a smarter user environment with powerful automation tools

Automated Analysis Of Surface Data
Working with a user interface in one of ten languages, you create your analysis report frame by frame, page by page, working in a highly intuitive and interactive desktop publishing environment. Powerful automation tools ensure high productivity: series of surface data sets can be analyzed automatically and common sequences of analysis step can be saved for insertion any future analysis document. Pass/fail criteria can be specified for any parameter and green/red pass/fail traffic lights are displayed automatically.

10. Benefit from the technology chosen by the leading Profiler and Microscope manufacturers

Digital Surf has 25 years of experience designing Surface Imaging and Analysis Software, keeps investing heavily in innovation, quality, support, and has technical cooperation agreements with leading laboratories worldwide.

As a result the greatest profiler and microscope manufacturers deliver Mountains® software with their instruments.

Digital Surf thanks its partners for their confidence in Mountains® software and hence affixing their own brand names to it.

Mountains® - Surface analysis software you can trust.

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