MountainsMap® Imaging Topography

Dedicated surface analysis software for 3D optical profilers measuring topography: confocal microscopes, interferometric microscopes, digital microscopes, focus variation microscopes & structured light systems

Why choose MountainsMap® Imaging Topography software?

  • Compatible with all 3D optical profilers and microscopes used for surface analysis and metrology.
  • Real time imaging of 3D surface topography with near-perfect lighting.
  • 3D surface overlays for fast feature location - overlay color and intensity images on 3D topography.
  • Remove data acquisition artifacts - outliers, local defects.
  • Increase field of view virtually - assemble measurements using surface topography stitching.
  • Analyze roughness and surface texture - in accordance with the latest ISO and national standards.
  • Analyze surface geometry - including volume of surface structures (bumps, holes), step heights.
  • Extract and analyze regions of interest - study them in the same way as full measured surfaces.
  • 3D reconstruction of multi-focus images - reconstruct 3D topography from multi-focus image stacks.
  • Easy integration into lab and production environments - export of all numerical results.
  • Easy publication - export analysis documents, pages and individual images up to 1200 dpi.
  • Add optional modules for advanced surface texture analysis, contour analysis, grains and particles analysis, 3D Fourier analysis, image co-localization, statistics and more.

Key Features

Full 3D optical profiler and microscope compatibility

MountainsMap® Imaging Topography software is compatible with all 3D optical microscopes. It provides a cutting edge surface imaging, analysis and metrology software solution for:

  • 3D optical profilers
  • Confocal microscopes
  • Laser scanning confocal microscopes (LSCM)
  • Interferometric microscopes
    (with color imaging option)
  • Focus variation microscopes
  • 3D digital microscopes
  • Digital holographic microscopes (DHM)
  • Structured light scanners

Real time high quality 3D imaging

 High quality real time imaging of 3D surface topography, with a wide range of renderings, user-definable color palettes and image enhancement tools.
 Surface flyovers (with movie output).
 Powerful filters remove anomalies, carry out smoothing, etc.
 Overlay color images and intensity images on 3D surface topography to speed up detection of surface features.

 3D reconstruction of multi-focus image stacks.

Overcome instrument limitations

 Increase field of view by automatically stitching together measured surfaces that overlap on the horizontal plane.
 Increase vertical range by manually patching together measured surfaces that overlap in the vertical axis.

The most popular 2D and 3D surface texture parameters

 ISO 25178 3D height and functional bearing ratio parameters.
 ISO 4287 2D primary and roughness parameters.
 ASME B46.1 3D and 2D parameters.
 EUR 15178 amplitude and area & volume parameters
 DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan), GB/T (China), NF (France), BSI (UK), UNI (Italy), UNE (Spain) equivalents of ISO parameters.

Analysis of surface texure and geometry

 Full set of surface roughness/waviness filters including Gaussian (ISO 16610-61), cubic spline filter (ISO 16610-62), robust Gaussian filter (ISO 16610-71).
 Functional studies including material ratio curve, depth distribution histogram, surface substraction and more.
 Calculation of distance, angle, area, volume and step height.

Analyze sub-surfaces too

 Extract a sub-surface (for example a disk fixture ring, contact zone, MEMS layer or valley region).
 Calculate parameters for the sub-surface only.

Fast, automated, traceable surface analysis report creation

 Smart desktop publishing user environment in ten languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, PT-BR, CN, JP, KR)
 Hierarchical analysis workflow shows all analysis steps, facilitates fine-tuning and ensures full metrological traceability.
 Page viewer for fast navigation.
 Pass/fail criteria with green/red traffic lights can be specified for any parameter.
 Series of measurements can be analyzed automatically using templates and Minidocs (common sequences of analysis steps).
 Comprehensive export in PDF and Word, screen and print quality bitmaps, Excel-compatible numerical results for compatibility with quality management and other systems.


Left: multi-channel 3D optical profiler images, including color image overlay on 3D surface topography.
Right: extraction of a sub-surface from a MEMS and calculation of ISO 25178 and ISO 12781 parameters for the sub-surface only.

Expandable & upgradeable

There is a wide range of optional modules for advanced and specialized applications. For example the Contour Analysis module makes it possible to carry out dimensional analysis of horizontal contours extracted from the x,y plane and of vertical x,z contours (cross-sections). In addition if you need to visualize and analyze data from a wider park of instruments then there is an upgrade path to MountainsMap® Universal and MountainsMap®, Premium.

Contour Analysis of a vertical x,z contour extracted from a surface. It is also possible to extract horizontal contours from the x,y plane and to analyze them.

Optional modules

Co-localize and correlate surfaces generated by your microscope with images from other instruments
 Co-localization module

Advanced studies, parameters & filters for areal surface analysis
 3D Advanced Surface Texture module

Advanced profile filtering, fractal and Fourier analysis, series of profiles
 2D Advanced Surface Texture module

Analyze grains, particles, islands, motifs, bumps, holes using multiple methods
 Grains & Particles module

Geometric dimensioning of contour profiles and horizontal contour extracted from images
 Contour Analysis module

Advanced dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD compare, Gothic arch
 Advanced Contour Analysis module

Automated statistics for multiple data populations, process capability
 Statistics module

FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets
 3D Fourier and Wavelets Analysis module

Analyze 4D surface evolution with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field, etc.
 4D Analysis module

2D friction, core and lubrication zone analysis plus parameters for the automotive industry
 2D Automotive module

2nd generation lead analysis in accordance with the Daimler standard MBN 31 007-07
 Lead Analysis (Twist) module

Read SPM file formats, work with multi-channel SPM images, correct data acquisition errors
 SPM Extension module

Instrument compatibility

 4D Technology
 Alicona InfiniteFocus
 Atos Micromap
 Carl Zeiss Microscopy LSM, CSM
 Fogale Nanotech MicroSurf
 Hyphenated Systems HS-Series
 KLA-Tencor MicroXAM
 Lasertec Optelics series
 Leica Microsystems DCM 3D, DVM
 Lyncée-Tec DHM
 Nanofocus µSurf, µSoft
 Nikon Nexiv confocal & VMZ, BHW
 Olympus Lext
 Phase Shift MicroXAM
 Polytec TMS TopMap series
 Sensofar Plµ series
 Taylor Hobson CCI, TalyMap
 Trimos TR Scan, NanoWare
 Wyko NT-Series
 Zeta Instruments
 Zygo NewView