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Surface Imaging, Analysis and Metrology Software

Working with data from profilers or microscopes?
Mountains® software solutions are integrated by leading instrument manufacturers and used by thousands of laboratory and industrial facilities worldwide.
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Learn Surface Metrology
Read our Metrology Guide and learn how to characterize surface texture in 2D and 3D using the right parameters and filters.
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Imagine one software solution for each and every surface imaging and metrology instrument at your facility:
3D optical profilers, scanning profilometers, SPM, SEM, light microscopes, spectrometers...
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Discover Mountains 7 - surface imaging, analysis and metrology software.

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Why move up to Mountains 7?
Because Mountains 7 is the best choice and it's the most complete surface imaging and metrology software on the market.
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3D advanced surface texture
If you are interested by ISO 25178 areal parameters and by advanced filters as per ISO 16610, you should add this module to your product.
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Advanced contour analysis
Calculate dimensions, angles, radii, form deviation on measured profiles or on contour shapes extracted from a surface or image.
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Grains & Particles
Extract features by segmentation or thresholding. Calculate density, form factor, area, ...
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2D automotive
Add automotive parameters: Rk functional parameters, R&W motifs, as well as the graphical views.
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