Surface metrology courses, in video

This page provides a series of educational videos initially made in French (but some are available with English sub-titles), on surface texture analysis methods, instrumentation and other topics.
The Youtube cannel is available on:  Surface metrology courses.

Introduction to surface texture characterization

This video explains why surface texture specifications are important on industrial parts and consumer products, and introduces the basis of surface texture analysis.
Duration: 12 min 50. [English sub-titles available]

Amplitude parameters of ISO 4287

This video introduces amplitude parameters calculated on profiles, as defined in ISO 4287 and ASME B46.1 standards.
Duration: 8 min 16 [English sub-titles available]

Preparation of optical measures

This presentation discusses the preparation and cleaning of surface data measured with a 3D optical profiler, in order to remove outliers and fill-in non-measured points. This operation is mandatory before the metrologic analysis in order to get sound results.
Duration: 10 min 19 [English sub-titles available]

Series on surface texture measuring instruments

Part 1 - Contact profilometers

Description of the components: traverse unit, sensor, pivot, stylus. Corrections and calibration. Workshop profilometers (with skid), tabletop profilometers with column, low-force profilometers.
Duration: 21 min 50 [French only]

Part 2 - Non-contact profilometers

Architecture of a 3D non-contact profilometer. Confocal chromatic sensor, point autofocus sensor. Measuring transparent surfaces.
Duration: 16 min 35 [French only]

Part 3 - 3D confocal microscopes

Confocal optical principle. Optical slices obtained by vertical scanning. LSM, Nipkov disk, DLP matrices. Main manufacturers.
Duration: 9 min 48 [French only]

Part 4 - White-light interferometers

Principles of interferometry. From interferograms to height map. Different types of objectives. Main manufacturers.
Duration: 8 min 45 [French only]

Part 5 - Multifocus microscopes

Principle of the measurement. Advantages and drawbacks.
Duration: 3 min [French only]

Part 6 - Scanning probe microscopes

Principle of scanning probe microscopes. Atomic-force microscope, Tunneling force. Multilayer measurement.
Duration: 14 min 18 [French only]

See also: International standards for surface texture

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